Myrtle berry jam

Having a bush of Myrtle Berry at my porch, I realized that I will not be able to eat them all by myself as my wife and daughter are not very enthusiastic about eating them.  I do not blame them because the bitter taste of their seeds takes the pleasure out of eating these unique tasting berries. They are often confused with the delicious blue Berry; with which they have nothing in common except the color. I like to eat them but I need to spit the seeds out. After a few berries, you do develop a skill to split the seeds from the fruit but it is a timely process 😉

I searched online for recipes to see if it is possible to make jam from these berries and to my surprise I could not find any. So I decided to improvise. I picked up a glass-full of berries to test. I mixed them with one glass of sugar and then added one glass of water to boil until the water evaporated. Finally I added a few drops of fresh lemon and put in a small jar to cool. It was looking perfect when we put in the jar; but next day when it was time to try it, the jam was as hard as stone.

A week later I tried the same with half a glass of sugar. Also I boiled the berries in a lower heat. This time the berries let their flavor out faster than last time. I am assuming it was the excess sugar that prevented this last time; so I had to boil them longer. This time I tasted the jam while it was hot and fluid. It tasted great; actually a little like sour cherry jam. Now I Am hoping that it doesn’t stiffen up like a stone again and stay as a jam. I will let you know in a few hours.



UPDATE: After 3 hours the jam is still fluid and I spread some on a piece of bread. It still tastes very nice. In fact I will put even less sugar next time; perhaps 1/3 glass of sugar will be even better.


1 glass of Myrtle berries 
1/3 glass of white sugar 
1 tsp lemon juice (add at the last few minutes of boiling)

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