How to grow your Bitcoin!

If you are looking for ways to grow your Bitcoin, I am sure you have invested in Altcoins in financial markets like Bittrex, cryptopia or coinexchange. I have! I personally traded in about 10 to 15 coins and amongst them, I enjoyed BITB most.  Why? because not only I made a good profit by buying and selling the coins, I also discovered that you can download a wallet from and sprout more beans (coins) by staking. It did not make much sense to me at first but after going through forums and some Reddit posts, I managed to set it up and send some beans to my newly set-up wallet and started sprouting.  OK; sprouting is good, so you can increase your coins by just keeping your wallet unlocked and staking. I am not going to go into the technical details of sprouting. You can read those at the Bitbean Sprouting.

I also noticed that coin transfers are faster than others. I sent coins to my wallet and they were there in no time. Also Bitbean has a Point Of Sale solution which t is a promising project and I am sure will add more value to the coin once achieved. I am loving the idea of decentralised payment System and the ability to use a POS for daily transactions. I run a small business and I would love to start accepting crypt-o-currency for the services and products that I offer. Currently it is not looking too practical. It takes a bit too long for the funds to transfer between wallets. But Bitbean promises to speed up this process.

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