How to grow your bitcoin by trading in cryptocurrency markets

Lightning fast way to generate income is for sure trading with Cryptocurrency. You can buy bitcoin or ethereum and watch it gain value against hard currencies. OR you can trade in alt coins to increase the amount of bitcoin that you initially bought.

While it is becoming more valuable by just sitting in your e-wallet, you can buy and sell crypto commodities like BNB, NAV, Bitcoincash,  etc. in various market places. By buying these coins at lower prices and selling at higher prices, your gains contribute to the amount of overall Bitcoin you have.

A safe and efficient place to trade bitcoin, ethereum and alt coins is with ever increasing number of coins to trade, great incentives, low fees and fun and efficient interface.

Turkish Beach & Bath Towels

Since winter has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, it takes days for a regular towel to dry. By the time it dries; boom it’s your bath time again. I hate the damp feeling of bulky and heavy towels so I went out for a shopping. It was the light-weight traditional Turkish peshtemal towel that was on my mind.  70% lighter, dries 5 times faster, absorbs just as much water and looks 100 times better than the regular towels. I fell in love with the variety ad the quality once I received my towels from Peshtemalart Online towel store.

Okay these are refered to as beach towels but they are just as good for being bath towels. You cna use them at bath, shower, sauna, spa or whatever place that you need to dry your body. Once you use a peshtemal, yo can’t go back to old fluffy, heavy and mouldy towels. No way back!!!

Winter is Coming! Let’s buy a rug

As the winter has shown its cold face around the corner with the strong winds from the North; The bare floor is looking and feeling colder than ever before. So I decided to buy a rug. I started looking for a 5′ x 8′ patchwork rug, but I settled for a 6′ x 9′ Turquoise Blue Over-dyed Turkish Rug with oriental underlying patterns.

I bought it from Cyprus Rug store. They offer free worldwide shipping and it arrived in 5 days. That was very impressing. What I most like about the overdyed rugs is their story. You pay 500-600 US$ for a a 6×9 rug which was hand-woven in mid 1900 by some Turkish villagers. Never been used tucked in a depot in the house for over 60 years and suddenly somebody discovered a way to make them come back into fashion again! they shaved, bleached and over-dyed the rugs and converted them into a completely modern looking vintage rug. The moment I put the rug in my living room, it felt like it had been there for 100 years.  Another good think about it is it is  thin; less tan a centimetre and yet still very soft for bare feet. I’m loving it.



How to grow your Bitcoin!

If you are looking for ways to grow your Bitcoin, I am sure you have invested in Altcoins in financial markets like Bittrex, cryptopia or coinexchange. I have! I personally traded in about 10 to 15 coins and amongst them, I enjoyed BITB most.  Why? because not only I made a good profit by buying and selling the coins, I also discovered that you can download a wallet from and sprout more beans (coins) by staking. It did not make much sense to me at first but after going through forums and some Reddit posts, I managed to set it up and send some beans to my newly set-up wallet and started sprouting.  OK; sprouting is good, so you can increase your coins by just keeping your wallet unlocked and staking. I am not going to go into the technical details of sprouting. You can read those at the Bitbean Sprouting.

I also noticed that coin transfers are faster than others. I sent coins to my wallet and they were there in no time. Also Bitbean has a Point Of Sale solution which t is a promising project and I am sure will add more value to the coin once achieved. I am loving the idea of decentralised payment System and the ability to use a POS for daily transactions. I run a small business and I would love to start accepting crypt-o-currency for the services and products that I offer. Currently it is not looking too practical. It takes a bit too long for the funds to transfer between wallets. But Bitbean promises to speed up this process.

Larnaca Airport and Ercan Airport Transfer Services

Gold Taxi Cyprus started operating earlier in 2017, providing luxury, but low-cost transfer services between the major airports of Cyprus to all the resorts in Northern Cyprus.

Company is based in Kyrenia, with a fleet of Mercedes Benz saloon vehicles and Mercedes Benz V Class Vito’s.  The company employs polite and well dressed drivers and values customer satisfaction.

I highly recommend Gold Taxi Cyprus for your Ercan Airport to Kyrenia Transfers.

Larnaca to Kyrenia Transfer Services In Cyprus

Cyprus is a popular tourist destination for European tourists. With the opening of borders between South and North Cyprus, many people from Europe, choose to land in Larnaca Airport even if they will be spending their holidays in the North.  Sheer reason for this is the availability of direct and cheap flights to Larnaca airport from various countries in Europe.  However, many people also choose to fly to Ercan airport in the north part of the island.


Whether you are landing at Larnaca airport or Ercan airport, you will need transportation to get to your hotel, villa or apartment where you will spend your holiday. Airport Taxis can be very expensive. You can save up-to 50% on Affordable Airport Transfer Services in Cyprus by simply booking online in advance.

I will recommend Cyprus Taxi company that offers transfers between South and North Cyprus. The rates are very competitive and they regularly offer discounts and post them at their facebook page. See their Cyprus Airport Taxi Prices Review Budget IPTV

What do you do when you are abroad and you want to watch the channels you had at home? An affordable and reliable solution that I have found is  which is an IPTV service with 300+ live channels, hundreds of movies and radio stations.

NTV is a great solution for expats whose favourite channels are not available at their new residing country.  Also, having a platform that combines all the popular English, American and Scandinavian channels in one place is pretty much convenient. The price is fair and quality is far better than expected; provided, you have a reliable internet connection.

There is no need to go into much detail, simply visit and see the list of available channels. Decide for yourself!!